Monthly Archives: August 2011



We have recently decided that we are going to intoduce the boys to the world of chores.  Being that they are 2 and 4, I (Momma) am not entering this with expectations too high, but I am excited to get a start on this and get them used to helping out around the house on a daily basis.  They already help me set the table, help fold some clothes/napkins and put them away and things of that nature.  However, I think that I just hit the nail on the head with quite possibly the best idea of my parenting years to date…a vacuum they can use!  It also “transforms” into a dust buster so they can just suck up dirt and dust from anywhere!  They think that Christmas has come early and are so excited to be able to use this real tool that really works and makes noise to boot. 

Now, I realize that this level of excitement will not last a long time, but I am going to capitalize on it while it does!  Here are some photos of the boys sweating it out.

Elliot getting up the lunch crumbs!

Jonathon being VERY thorough on the carpet.

While most of their chores will be something like “brush your teeth” or “put away your PJS” I am looking forward to soon being able to sit back and watch them clean the entire house while I eat bon bons…ooh…I guess I’ll have to wait until I can teach Cecily to make bon bons…

We’ve jumped in the “blogging boat!”


Realizing that there aren’t very many people out there that would like to keep up with our day to day life down to the smallest detail…the Ray Family is entering the world of blogging!  This has grown out of a desire to stop using other social networking sites but wanting to continue in the ability to – every so often – share everyday events and photos with our family and friends.  We’re glad you are in that group! 

Our little sailors!

Our "sailors" in the laundry basket boat