Monthly Archives: October 2011

“Dot has a hat”


I never knew how much fun this was going to be.  I also never knew how much work this parenting thing was going to be, but that is for another time…Right now I am just so excited about Elliot’s reading!  It is amazing how excited I can get (not to mention him) when he learns something new and enjoys it so much.  We are about half way through our phonics book that we are working on.  He is really enjoying it and doing great.  We don’t do it every day…just when it suits our schedule…and he loves it!  There have been mornings when the first thing out of him mouth is, “Mommy…wait…” (he is still in the process of waking up) “Mommy…we haven’t done our reading yet!” 

Today was a milestone for him and reading, I guess.  We have these little early readers that were given to us.  He read the first 3 with no help from me!  I’m just glad I ended up cleaning out their closet yesterday so we found them!  Here is one of the stories: “Dot has a hat. Dot has a cat. The cat has a hat. Dot has a dog. Dog has a hat. Dog has a rag hat. Sad dog. Sad Dot. Sad cat. Dog has on a rag hat.  The End”

Riveting, I know.  But I honestly think it was the best book I have ever had read to me.  It is hard to believe that 4 years ago he, not Cecily, was the one that I was hoping upon hope that he would just stinkin’ sleep past 4:00 am.  What fun to see him grow and change and learn and have so much fun along the way.  Lord willing, I’ll be enjoying hearing Jonathon & Cecily read their first books to me before much time passes at all…what a gift to get to be a part of their lives!