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Facebook is history!


Atleast for now…And it is really freeing!  It is a lot like the day that we had our TV disconnected from any broadcast programming…Bryan and I both just felt FREE!  I know it sounds silly, but just having simplified that little bit of our lives made such a huge difference…and the FB thing has been the same for me.  This week, I have enjoyed not knowing what friends I haven’t seen in 20 years are cooking for dinner or which Pinterest project involving toilet paper they just completed.  That sounds cold, but the flip side is that I have a lot more space in my brain and even a little more time to keep up with those people in my day to day right now.  And, thankfully for blog sites such as this, I can still bug those that love us with photos and all sorts of day-to-day information about what is going on with us.

So, for those of you that might not know (or atleast have seen an ultrasound photo yet), here is SweetPea! 

SweetPea Ultrasound

We are now about 14 weeks along.  Momma is enjoying the benefits of being past the 1st trimester, though the evenings are still characterized by a good bit of nausea.  I will forego fitting into “normal” clothes anyday in exchange for no more nausea!  I was able to feel the baby moving the other day for the first time.  The boys are really excited about when they will be able to feel the baby move when they put their hands on my tummy. 

Jonathon just turned 3 and Cecily just turned 1 in the past few weeks – we had a party and enjoyed lots of you being with us – unfortunately, we will just have to wait on photos from that as we pray that the Lord would allow us to find our camera!!  One of my mindless pregnancy slips recently has been losing the camera (along with going to the check-out line in Publix with a cart full of groceries and no money as well as altogether losing my Debit Card, which has (thankfully) been recovered by now).  Hopefully we will be able to post some photos of the party and cake “playing” for Cecily if and when we get the camera back and downloaded.

Finally, we are excited that we have signed a contract on a new house – new to us and just new!  It will be built, Lord willing, by June or July if all goes as planned…just in time for our projected August 4 due date.  Again, if all goes as planned, I am sure we will be posting many photos of this in the upcoming months.  The neighborhood is about only 10 minutes from where we currently live, but feels a little more “out.”  The boys (and Cecily, for that matter!) will have woods just behind our back yard to tromp & ride bikes through.  My Dad walked the property for us as we were trying to make our decision and said that he saw evidence of pigs rooting around back there – that would be an interesting encounter!  With all the snorting Jonathon has been doing lately, he will feel right at home.

Well, thank you for visiting and keeping up with us – please let us hear from you soon, too!