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Our spring so far


We have been having a great spring so far and I feel like the excitement really hasn’t even started yet – with the new house *supposed* to officially be under construction TOMORROW! and expecting Sweet Pea’s arrival weeks after we close on the house, there is a lot we are looking forward to right now!  That is not to say that we haven’t had a great year so far.

First, we found out the gender of our newest little Ray…and we were totally shocked.  I am learning more and more that God has many ways of keeping us humble, and one of them (atleast for me) is when I think I know what is going on or going to happen.  And so, in this case…when I just KNEW that we were having another girl, ITS A BOY!  We are thrilled and looking forward to meeting our little guy and the kids are excited to get another brother, too.

We officially have a building pad on which, Lord willing, a foundation will be laid in the next few days.  Please pray along with us for very little to no rain!!  As I have understood things, if we can get the compaction test passed and foundation laid, then rain won’t slow us down too much and we can hopefully keep a close date well before (which in this case means 2 weeks) SweetPea’s due date.

Cecily is growing so fast and learning so much from her brothers, especially.  This has both good and bad aspects!  The good are all those things you might imagine – learning to take turns and share, learning to sit still when it is appropriate, learning to play all sorts of games and do fun things.  The “bad” (or at the very least funny) are that she has learned to stand up beside the toilet to pretend to go potty along with the boys, she climbs in and out of their gigantic dirt hole in the back yard with them (which is way deeper than she is tall) and wants to climb, slide down, jump on, etc…anything the boys might.  She definitely has the will to keep up and she often makes my heart skip a beat with the latest feat she is attempting.  Bryan thinks that we should always keep her dressed like she is in this photo to remind her (and us) that she is a girl!

Jonathon is in a “worker-man” phase and just loves driving down the road close to our house where they are widening the road.  He thinks that all of the big equipment and all of the worker-men are just about the greatest thing ever.  He has his own worker-man vest and tool backpack that he often wears wherever we are going.  This, along with his cowboy boots, make quite a fashion statement.  I love that he thinks he looks great and it never crosses his mind to be the least bit self-conscious.  He runs, plays with Elliot & Cecily, sings at the top of his lungs & gives random people high fives.  He has got quite the personality.  This photo was just taken the other day and is one of my all-time favorites…the kids were all playing in the water sprinkler and pretending that they were fountains as they spit the water out…I just happened to catch him mid-air with water spurting out – I think he makes quite a fine fountain!

Elliot is also so much fun – and in a very different way.  He also sings at the top of his lungs (usually while playing the air guitar or other make-shift guitar) or drums on anything he can find to beat on.  He loves music and is going to begin piano lessons even this week.  He would like to start with guitar or drum lessons, but we have said that once he has a background in piano, then we will think of moving on to another instrument.  If he chooses drums, we are going to let him play whenever he is out at Aunt Megan & Uncle Michael’s house.  He amazes me at how quickly he picks up and learns things.  The most recent subject to fascinate him has been math (Lord, help me).  We are working on his reading and handwriting primarily right now with school type activities.  He is very proud to be 5 now and likes to pretend he is about to turn 9.  He also loves to ride his bike & do stunts on it – Bryan has made dirt mounds for him in the backyard to ride over and try to pop wheelies and he loves to zoom through the ditch between our front yard and the road.  That was another heart-stop moment for me when I saw it for the first time, but he has a blast and usually doesn’t wreck…usually.

Lord willing, I will be posting some construction photos in the very near future!!!  Remember…please pray for NO RAIN on the lot for a week or so.  That might help with the pregnancy heartburn just a little.  😮